ANNA Step-up

Future Leader Development

Whether in cooperation with your company or individually – our Leadership Training for female junior executives lays the foundation for a personalized professional career and personal development with three strong modules. Experienced trainers provide you with important tools in our Leadership Development Program to plan your career path in harmony with your life goals.

Learn more about your personality, enhance your understanding of people, and benefit from a unique perspective. By engaging with others, you can expand your professional network, receive new insights, and set the course for your future. Our comprehensive program offers you the opportunity to work on your strengths and abilities in a targeted manner, thus further developing your leadership skills. As part of the ANNA Step-up Training, you will gain valuable insights into best practices that help you master your individual challenges and strengthen your assertiveness as a leader. Through tailored exercises and practical case studies, you will be prepared for real-life situations and can directly apply your acquired knowledge to practice.

Prepare your company for the future with ANNA Step-up.

Through the targeted support of the Step-up program, you enable your promising talents to build a strong network and open up new perspectives for them. These leaders will be capable of finding innovative solutions for current societal challenges and steering your company or organization towards a successful path into the future. Invest in the development of your female leaders and benefit from a diverse and forward-looking leadership level.

The cost for the ANNA Step-up program is 5,900 EUR, plus VAT, excluding accommodation and travel expenses. The price includes participation in all three modules, course material for pre- and post-processing of content, an online personality assessment, virtual stand-up meetings, a welcome dinner, and membership in the ANNA Alumni Network.

From 2024 we are happy to offer ANNA Step-up in German as well as in English. The first edition of the English ANNA Step-up will start in autumn 2024.


Personality & Development

In the first module of the program, the focus is on developing awareness of one’s own competencies and strengths. Strengthening resilience and cultivating inner strength assist in maintaining resilience even in challenging situations. Participants learn how to effectively manage their resources to achieve their individual goals. The emphasis is on developing a personal values compass as the foundation for an authentic leadership style.


Challenges & Opportunities

The second module of the ANNA Step-up program aims to identify obstacles and reservations that women in leadership positions encounter. A focus is placed on understanding power and influence and how these can be effectively utilized. We dive deeply into communication patterns and analyze work-life dynamics, which can pose a particular challenge for women in leadership positions.


Leadership & Readiness

The application of emotional intelligence in leadership positions, as well as the establishment and nurturing of networks and partnerships, are the focal points of the third module. This module highlights how to navigate changes successfully and lead with confidence even in challenging times. Converting strategies into results and creating a specific action plan for entering a leadership career complete the seminar.

Do you want to support your female leadership talents and lay the foundation for long-term success? In three modules, our experienced coaches and trainers prepare your qualified talents for their next significant challenges. Find out more now and request the registration documents!


ANNA Step-up 4 | Autumn 2024 (EN)

    July 19th + 20th, 2024
    Holiday Inn Hamburg HafenCity

    October 8th + 10th, 2024
    Digital – Live
    November 29th + 30th, 2024
    Holiday Inn Hamburg HafenCity

ANNA Step-up 5 | Spring 2025

    Holiday Inn Hamburg HafenCity

    Digital – Live
    Holiday Inn Hamburg HafenCity

Pro Bono Participation

For young female leaders who are ready to take responsibility for the common good, there is an opportunity for free participation in our seminar. If you actively contribute to solving current societal challenges and are a part of a non-profit organization, or if you intend to assume a leadership position in a socially engaged organization within politics, administration, science, or culture, our Step-up program offers you the chance to prepare optimally for upcoming challenges and provides you with an inspiring outlook beyond the immediate context through cross-sectoral exchange.


▪ High potential to assume greater leadership responsibility in a socially relevant context in the future.
▪ Solid education and good English language skills.
▪ Demonstrable societal engagement: Non-profit, political, artistic, civil, or as a member of a non-profit association.
▪ Mandatory participation for the entire duration of the training program.


Please submit a meaningful application (letter of motivation) to help us identify particularly suitable candidates. Up to two Pro Bono spots will be awarded per program. After successful admission to the program, participation is free of charge. Travel, accommodation, and meals costs can be subsidized after consultation.


Step-up – Leadership Training


With our Step-up leadership seminar, we focus on the development of up-and-coming female executives. We are convinced that well-trained, female executives make companies more successful. Today’s studies show that a higher proportion of women in management improves a company’s profit and leads to increased sale rates. But how do you make the most of your company’s talent pool? Our new Step-up leadership seminar starts at the beginning: Our seminar provides female high potentials with useful tools to develop their individual leadership qualities. Highly qualified trainers and speakers convey relevant topics around the development of leadership competencies.

Participants develop a clear awareness of their own potential and learn how to meet the special challenges faced by women in leadership positions: This includes the targeted use of so-called feminine leadership competencies as well as a deep understanding of established power structures and how to deal with them. In the Step-up leadership seminar, our participants learn how to lead confidently even through uncertain times and motivate their team to achieve the best possible results.

For a successful company

Companies, as employers, are facing new challenges today. Offering above-average compensation is no longer sufficient to attract highly qualified future leaders. For current generations of employees, interesting career prospects and personal development are important factors. Participation in qualified training programs and leadership seminars makes your company appealing to skilled professionals as an employer.

Enhance your connection with your employees through individual development opportunities and create an in-house talent pool that expands your capabilities and strengthens your company’s future. Through mutual exchange, leaders benefit from cross-industry interactions that provide valuable external insights and impulses to you and your company.