ANNA Network

Business Network for Women

A robust and interconnected network, firmly rooted in trust, serves as the cornerstone for both professional and personal achievements. Within your own cohort, you will swiftly encounter a profound sense of unity and unwavering trust. These connections often endure well beyond your involvement in the program, fostering relationships that extend over time. The ANNA Alumni Network welcomes participants from all our programs, forging a durable, multi-faceted, trust-driven network for your benefit. Our alumnae serve as invaluable sounding boards, uniquely attuned to our shared philosophy by virtue of their participation.

Annual Alumni Meetings

Our yearly alumni gatherings, collaboratively organized with our alumnae, provide a platform for meaningful interactions. Exciting locations and activities strengthen the connections between the ANNAs and enable cross-cohort and cross-program exchange.

This is what the ANNA Network can do for you

The strength and influence of such a network is founded on the dedicated engagement, active participation, and collaborative endeavors of the women involved. This resilience is rooted in the enthusiasm, unwavering commitment, and collective contributions of its members, shaping a dynamic and influential community of women in the business world. Such a network offers opportunities for knowledge sharing, meaningful connections, empowerment, and the ability to create a greater impact collectively.

Knowledge Exchange

The ANNA network provides a platform for women to share their expertise, insights, and experiences. Through interactions and collaborative discussions, ANNA alumnae can expand their knowledge, develop new skills, and stay updated on industry trends, enhancing their professional growth.

Meaningful Connections

Our ANNA Alumnae have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, establish valuable relationships, and create a strong support system. Networking within the network can lead to partnerships, mentorship opportunities, and access to a diverse range of contacts that can contribute to personal and business success.

Empowerment + Confidence

Being part of a community of accomplished women fosters a sense of empowerment and boosts confidence. Engaging with peers who have overcome challenges and achieved success can inspire and motivate participants to set ambitious goals, take calculated risks, and advance in their careers.

Collective Impact

A united network amplifies the collective voice of women in the business world. Participants can collaborate on advocacy initiatives, raise awareness about gender-related issues, and drive positive changes in their industries or communities. Together, they contribute to a more inclusive and equitable business environment.

The ANNA+Cie
Business Network

By exchanging experiences with other participants, our ANNAs have the opportunity to share their experiences directly with like-minded people. In our business network for women they can find connections to a wide variety of sectors and business areas. This view beyond one’s own viewpoint broadens the horizon. Our ANNA Business Network for women in leadership positions offers interdisciplinary insights that are not available in the immediate environment.

But why is a cross-industry exchange in a business network so important – especially for women? Diverse contacts are not only a human benefit, the creative input from other sectors is a valuable asset, because it offers a possibility to rethink and to set fresh impulses in one’s own professional environment. With a good business network for women, the right person can quickly be found for tasks or positions that need to be filled. Challenges are easier to overcome when you can draw on the experience of a strong business network for women, and you can talk to other female managers who may have already been confronted with similar issues. In the spirit of #womensupportingwomen, it is important to form strong alliances in a business network for women in order to establish what we have set out to do: Female Leaders for tomorrow.

Female Leadership

A rapidly changing world is constantly creating new demands on leadership. Our female leadership development is aimed to prepare you in the best possible way for these demands and provides you with the leadership skills needed to ensure good leadership in the long term. For us, female leadership development doesn’t mean to suppress femininity in order to recreate a male approach on management. On the contrary, female leadership development is about recognizing and sharpening specific female leadership qualities. In particular, these include empathy and enhanced communication skills. Classic role models often portray a seeming contradiction between career and family. But does it really have to be this way?

Female leadership development also means uniting these different poles and freeing oneself from preconceived judgments. It is a matter of developing one’s own leadership style that emphasizes on individual strengths and is not focused on gender specific roles. Today studies show that companies with women at the top are more likely to be successful than those led by male colleagues alone. Thus female leadership development is an important topic to prepare companies for the challenges of the present and the future.