About ANNA Executive

The Leadership Program for
experienced Female Leaders


The ANNA Executive Program is characterised by a hand-picked, heterogeneous and international, as well as exclusive group:

Each ANNA Executive cohort is limited to a maximum of 15 women in C-1/ C-2-level management positions and is individually composed. The participants are between mid-30s and late 40s and have at least eight to ten years of leadership experience.

The candidates belong to the high potentials of their companies and already bear corresponding responsibility.

In addition to managers from the business world, up to two pro bono candidates from the arts, culture, research or the social sector are invited each year. The different and diverse experiences of these participants are a great enrichment for the group.



During the ANNA year, you will be individually supported, challenged and encouraged at the highest level by a mentor from international top management. We pay special attention to a broad and international background of experience. The fit between mentor and participant is a key factor for our – and thus also your – success.

The content of the training curriculum focuses on the key competencies that help individuals and organisations achieve greater success.

The one-year ANNA Executive Curriculum has four modules:

1. Leadership Development

Learn to lead authentically by defining your personal values and ensuring their fit into the corporate culture.
To this end, this module provides impulses for reflecting on your own leadership style. Leadership skills in all their facets are taught against the background of responsibility for oneself, for the employees, as well as for the organisation and ultimately for society.


2. Personality Insight

Get a complete picture of your personal strengths and development potential.
A clear understanding of your own personality is essential for contemporary management. Only those who know and accept themselves can successfully lead a team. Personal characteristics and behavioural patterns are put into context, lived experiences are re-evaluated and thus often unused strengths are discovered.


3. Strategic Thinking

You need to develop strategies to effectively expand your influence in the company.
In the face of increasingly volatile markets, political and socio-economic changes, and disruptive innovations, forward-thinking companies are looking for globally minded leaders who act strategically. The focus of this module therefore is on innovation and technology as well as environmental considerations.


4. Visionary Outlooks

Make yourself and your skills fit for the future by recognising relevant trends and using them specifically for yourself.
We cannot see into the future, but one thing is clear: not much will stay the same. Thanks to new ideas, dynamism and the ability to transform, you can respond in the best possible way to socio-economic and political changes and benefit from new currents. To this end, we highlight plausible future scenarios and present innovative ways to meet them.

Benefit from a multi-layered, trusting network during the Program.
Through the individual composition of your cohort, you will experience a spirit of cohesion and mutual support from the very first meeting.

After completion of the program, the ANNA Alumni Network is open to all participants.
The annual alumni events, which we organise in cooperation with the alumnis, provide space for exchange and encounters.

Internationally renowned speakers and trainers will support you during the ANNA year in developing your entrepreneurial and personal issues as well as your leadership skills. You will have the opportunity to talk to top managers at eye level and thus expand your personal skill set.

The nomination for participation is made via the management of your company. Admission to the Program will be decided individually after a personal interview. Very good English and an international focus are required. If you are interested, please contact us directly and we will send you application documents. We look forward to answering your questions.

It is part of our philosophy to include women managers from non-for-profit organisations in every ANNA Executive Program. In taking this approach, we aim to offer all participants to broaden their perspectives. We welcome you to apply with your meaningful CV. An international background is desirable, and we expect you to have the ambition to take on greater leadership responsibility in the future. A very good command of English is essential.

The next ANNA Executive Program will take place soon. Applications are continuously accepted. The participation fee, excluding travel expenses, is EUR 19,500 net.