ANNA Executive

The Female Leadership Program

Today’s competitive landscape is characterized by rapidly evolving markets, technological advancements, and innovations. This demands leaders who are capable of shaping global change. The ANNA Executive Program empowers high-potential executives to tackle complex challenges, build productive teams, and foster a high-performance culture.

Our cross-mentoring program prepares participants to take on more demanding roles and lead with authenticity and determination. By exploring various leadership styles and strategies, and delving into self-perception and emotional intelligence, our participants evolve into mindful leaders who can align their companies with an ever-changing environment. Equipped with a strong inner compass, they develop into visionary leaders who can unlock the full potential of their organizations. Through the exchange and interaction with their mentors, our participants benefit from the Know-How of experienced top-level executives, who accompany them on their jouney.

How your company can benefit from ANNA Executive

If companies and organizations aim to establish a solid foundation for sustainable success, they must invest in the development of their high potentials. A new, visionary understanding of leadership can create a work environment where diverse ideas and perspectives are welcomed. With integrity and determination, productive teams can be built, capable of driving change and thriving in a competitive landscape.

The ANNA Executive Program prepares leaders to become the kind of leaders who create and renew competitive advantages for their companies. Over the course of three intensive modules, our ANNAs can enhance their leadership competencies and learn to unleash their full potential.


Lead from Behind

In the first segment of this Leadership Journey, participants can anticipate an immersive leadership experience led by the High-Impact Leadership Coach, Dirk Devos. He guides the group through a 4-day hiking workshop in Terres del Ebre, Catalunya, Spain. During this time, Dirk inspires the participants to develop their individual leadership approach in alignment with their unique personalities. He dives into the correlations between personality traits and leadership behaviors, encouraging a personal leadership style.


Learn from experience

This module focuses on Sweden’s leadership role in areas such as innovation, climate protection, gender equality, and diversity. In Stockholm, selected business leaders will share their experiences and strategies for navigating a rapidly evolving business landscape. The participants of the ANNA Executive program will have the opportunity to explore Stockholm’s status as a global innovation hub and gain insights into the success factors necessary for excellence in both science and business.


Get to know yourself

In the concluding module, all previously covered topics are delved into at a deeper level. Insights and practical guidance assist in solidifying and applying the acquired knowledge in professional daily life. The subject of personal development is thoroughly explored within the context of contemporary scientific insights. Over the course of three days, the trainer offers both focused individual discussions and confidential administration and interpretation of an internationally recognized personality inventory.

What We Expect: Your Profile

▪ Female executives with a minimum of 8-10 years of leadership experience
▪ As an experienced leader, you autonomously make significant decisions for your team and aim to refine and enhance your leadership profile
▪ Strong educational background and good English language skills


The Nomination Process: How to Participate

Participation in the ANNA Executive Program is through nomination by your company. Please include the registration form and a comprehensive curriculum vitae. Proficiency in English and an international orientation are prerequisites. Participation will be determined after a personal selection interview.


Participation Fee: Invest in Your Future

The program's participation fee is 19,500 EUR, plus value-added tax. Accommodation costs are not included, and the seminar fee does not cover travel expenses. For suitable candidates from non-profit or social organizations, we are pleased to offer the opportunity for pro bono participation.



ANNA Executive | 2025

    7. – 10. April 2025, Barcelona
    2.- 5. September 2025, Stockholm
    2.- 5. February 2026, Hamburg

ANNA Executive | 2026

We offer dedicated female leaders from non-profit or cultural organizations the opportunity for free participation in our ANNA Executive Program. If you are actively engaged in addressing current societal challenges and belong to an organization, holding a leadership position in a socially engaged company within the fields of politics, administration, science, or culture, then ANNA Executive provides you access to valuable resources for your personal and professional development. Through close collaboration with experienced mentors and the refinement of your leadership skills, you benefit from a powerful network and open up new perspectives for yourself and your organization.



▪ Greater leadership responsibility in a socially relevant context
▪ Solid education and good English language skills
▪ Demonstrable societal engagement: Non-profit, political, artistic, civil, or as a member of a non-profit association
▪ Mandatory participation for the entire duration of the training program



Please submit a meaningful application (letter of motivation) to help us identify particularly suitable candidates. Up to two pro bono spots will be awarded per program. After successful admission to the program, participation is free of charge. Travel, accommodation, and meals costs can be subsidized after consultation.


Successful Leadership Training


ANNA+Cie’s leadership trainings focus on your career planning and your individual next moves. What are the next steps to ensure your personal development?

But what kind of career coaching is needed to achieve truly sustainable effects? In our leadership seminars, we work with experienced and professional coaches who deliver state-of-the-art content. Our coaches provide in-depth knowledge in areas such as communication, negotiation, assessment or resilience. In this way, we can put together a career coaching program for you that covers all aspects of your development: You will get to know yourself better, develop more understanding for others and be able to motivate and inspire a team as an empathetic leader. In our leadership training you will learn how to put together the best team for your company and lead it to sustainable success. Thus, you benefit from a leadership training that really helps you.

But what do you gain from effective leadership training? As in sports, the exchange, the sparring with like-minded people is an important part of the training process. In order to internalize movement sequences, practice is necessary. This also applies to our leadership trainings. You will gain new insights and experience how to efficiently apply the new instruments from your personal toolbox through the exchange with others.

Leadership training for women


Why do we offer special leadership training for women? A quick glance at the statistics shows that even today, women are underrepresented at high management levels.

In order to catch up with their male colleagues, it is important for women to develop strong leadership abilities. Women still face many prejudices and often lack role models or mentors to help position themselves. In our leadership training for women, however, we do not only deal with gender-specific issues. A good leadership training highlights all aspects that are important for good leadership. This includes communication and positioning as well as negotiation strategies, individual career planning and a close look at recruitment processes. At ANNA+Cie we therefore offer a leadership training for women that starts at different positions on their career path:

ANNA Step-up is our leadership training for young women, which have taken their first steps as a manager or are still on the verge of taking on more responsibility. The ANNA Executive Program, on the other hand, is a leadership training for women who have already gained leadership experience and are ready for the next step. In our leadership program, female professionals have the opportunity to sharpen their management skills, exchange ideas with other participants and get connected with strong mentors who accompany them on their journey to success.