ANNA Career Development

Individual Career Planning

What does career development offer you?

Career Development helps you achieve your personal goals. For a successful professional career, you need focused planning, commitment and perseverance. But success means something different to everyone. The next step on the career ladder is not always what success means to you personally. Take responsibility yourself so that you don't miss out on important decisions.

What do you want to achieve in your career? Do you want to move up in your current company? Do you want to specialize in a subject or are you burning to take on leadership roles? Only if you have your career goals firmly in mind can you develop a plan to achieve them.


Take your career into your own hands

ANNA Career Development offers you comprehensive support in your individual career development. In discussions with you, we determine your current situation in life, your personal abilities and an analysis of your potential. From this, a development plan is drawn up, which shows you important points of reference for positioning yourself.

Thanks to this comprehensive analysis, you actively develop your own strategies and plan the next concrete steps. In this way, you can achieve your career goals and realize your professional as well as personal dreams.


4 easy steps for successful Career Development

Talent development is an ongoing process aimed at acquiring the necessary skills, experience and qualifications to achieve a successful career and pursue your professional goals. This process includes identifying goals, analyzing existing skills and your potential. A concrete development plan is the prerequisite to successfully implement your own life and career goals. With ANNA Career Development we offer you professional support in this process.

Set your career goals

Define your career goals taking into account your individual interests, strengths and weaknesses. Do you want to advance in your current position, move to another position, or specialize in a particular role?

Develop abilities

o get closer to your goals, it is crucial to develop the necessary skills. Various methods can support you in this. Trainings or training programs, such as ANNA-Executive support the exchange of practical experience and offer valuable input through collaboration with mentors.


Making contacts and networking are indispensable for successful career development. By sharing experiences with other female executives, you can gain valuable insights and benefit from new perspectives.

Stay up to date

Knowing current developments in your own industry is the basis for professional success. Advanced training or conferences and regular exchanges with colleagues and specialists provide an overview of current developments. The insights gained in this way improve one's own skills and expertise.

Develop your own potential

Do you enjoy your job and are largely satisfied but are unsure about your prospects? Set the course early on so that your career path develops in the direction you want. In our ANNA Career Development we discuss with you which professional goal suits you and how you can achieve it. A change of employer is not always the right solution; you can also move a lot within existing structures. Contact us, our experienced consultants are at your side with their expertise.

Start your Career Development


Career development is an important part of professional life. It’s about gaining the skills and experience necessary to achieve your career goals. Successful career development requires planning, commitment and perseverance. A first step in career development is to determine your career goals. What do you want to accomplish in your career? Do you want to advance in your current company or move to another company? Do you want to specialize in a particular role or gain different skills and experience?

An important aspect of Career Development is skill development. Gaining certain skills and experience will help you advance in your job and achieve your career goals. There are several ways to develop skills, such as training, continuing education, mentoring, and hands-on experience. Networking is also another important factor in career development. Through networking, you can connect with other professionals in your industry and benefit from their experience and advice. Overall, career development is a lifelong process. It requires commitment, planning and perseverance to achieve your career goals. However, if you plan your career development strategically and put in continuous effort, you can advance your career and be successful.

Use your career Opportunities


We have made it our mission to support women on their way to becoming managers. In our leadership trainings we have noticed that women in particular often need advice when it comes to planning their own careers. For this reason, we have created the ANNA career consulting service. Regardless of your current status quo, our consultants will help you to correctly classify your career opportunities. Where do you stand in your personal and professional development?

ANNA career counseling for women focuses on your career to date and sheds light on future career options for you. With individual career counseling tailored to women, you will learn which paths are open to you and how you can plan your professional development as a woman prudently and with foresight. Put yourself in the hands of experienced female managers who, through their own career experiences, can provide you with a good insight into the market situation but also and outlook, because effective career advice requires much more than just theory. Now is the right time to shape your professional future and to take off with our career consulting! Our consulting opens up unimagined perspectives for you and ensures that you reach your goal.