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ANNA+Cie was founded a good ten years ago as a non-profit organization and the foundation on which it is based continues to contribute to ensuring that participants from non-for-profit organizations also have access to the programs of the ANNA Academy. With our offer we focus on the development and strengthening of entrepreneurial and management competencies from different perspectives, cultivate a spirit of heterogeneous collaboration and establish resilient networks.

Our mission

Our vision is a corporate world where women in leadership roles are perceived as a natural part of any successful organization. We are convinced that a growing pool of well-trained and talented female executives is a step towards increasing diversity in corporate management, thereby strengthening companies and making them more successful. This is our contribution to making companies more dynamic and thus more successful in the long term.

With ANNA+Cie we want to give impulses, broaden horizons, encourage self-reflection, provide state-of-the-art tools, strengthen networks and thus empower leaders. To this end, we work with selected internationally renowned trainers, coaches, speakers and mentors.

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