This is what companies and participants say

The positive feedback from our cooperating companies is the greatest honor for us and forms the basis of a trusting cooperation. By participating in ANNA+Cie’s leadership programs, your company benefits in many ways: The talent pool is expanded, the attraction for top talents increases, female talents are sustainably promoted and leadership teams gain diversity. In this way, you strengthen innovation and competitiveness, ensure long-term success and remain competitive in a dynamic business world. But the participants themselves can also expand their skills in a targeted manner through the qualified and practice-oriented program content and grow better into their leadership roles.

Our Mentors: The Secret to our Success

In our ANNA Executive Program, participants receive mentoring over a span of one year. This collaboration proves advantageous not only for the up-and-coming female leaders but also yields benefits for the mentors themselves. Engaging with the topics at the forefront of the mentees’ concerns hones their perspective on their own organization, offering a renewed outlook. This aspect is highly valued by numerous esteemed figures in the business realm, prompting them to consistently choose us as collaborative partners.

“Thanks to ANNA+Cie, we are witnessing a growing number of highly capable female managers who are eager to take on responsibilities.”

Andreas Engelhardt, persönlich haftender Gesellschafter,
Schüco International KG

“ANNA+Cie is a learning and growth platform that enriches not only the mentees
but also the mentors and all involved parties.”

Antonio Schulthess, Chief People Officer,
Qatar Airways Group, Doha

This is how your company benefits from ANNA+Cie

To lay a resilient groundwork for enduring success, it is essential for companies and organizations to invest in the development of their high potentials. Rapidly evolving market conditions and technological advancements necessitate authentic leaders with extensive experience and a strong inner compass, capable of meeting these challenges head-on.

Higher Diversity

A diverse leadership team creates agile companies which contributes to finding innovative approaches to deal with the increasingly complex challenges businesses face today.

Expanding the Talentpool

A diverse corporate culture attracts a wider range of talents and nurtures their lasting loyalty to the company. Embracing diversity within businesses enhances the company's reputation and image.

Fit for the Competition

In today's globalized business landscape, diverse teams enhance adaptability, while a multifaceted workforce gains a deeper understanding of the diverse needs and desires of various target audiences and markets.

Empower Female High Potentials

The involvement of women in diverse teams is crucial for a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach within companies. The outcomes lead to improved results and a competitive positioning.

Your Benefits as a Participant

Enhanced career opportunities, personal growth, a deeply connected business network, and acquiring new skills – there are numerous reasons why our ANNA Executive and ANNA Step-up programs stand as the finest and most established female leadership programs. See for yourself!

Personal Growth

Refuse to accept the status quo, and take charge of your career with proactive determination. Explore your true potential, embrace bold and resolute paths, and steadily transform your aspirations into tangible achievements, one step at a time.

Connecting with Peers

A thorough comprehension of industry developments is crucial for your career triumph. Interacting with colleagues from various organizations offers you a panoramic view of contemporary subjects and profoundly enriches your expertise.

Expand your Leadership Competence

Exceptional trainers and coaches will assist you in further enhancing your existing leadership skills. In small groups and a trusting atmosphere, you can deliberately focus on refining your personal leadership profile.

Expand your Network

Establishing relationships and networking are essential to achieving successful professional development. By sharing experiences with other female executives, you can gain valuable insights and benefit from fresh perspectives.

Our collaborative Partners

Deutsche Börse
Hamburg Commercial Bank
Kekst CNC
Kunstmuseum Bern
Landestheater Schwaben
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