Each ANNA cohort of no more than 15 experienced female leaders is carefully assembled in a selection process to create a multifaceted, international group with a wealth of experiences that benefit all participants. The ANNA cohort becomes a source of knowledge, inspiration and energy and enriches each participant’s learning experience exponentially. The trust developed within the group during the ANNA year will last a lifetime.

ANNA Alumni on their ANNA groups

Pro Bono Candidates

In addition to industry female leaders, each cohort takes on two pro bono candidates from other areas e.g. the arts, health or charity sector. These can be museum or theatre directors or prospective chief surgeons. The contrasting experiences and challenges from these worlds add a valuable dimension to the group discussions.

Many women have already made significant career steps in recent years. The move into operational top management, however, requires careful preparation in order to be sustainably successful for all involved.

The Selection Process

Every ANNA group is limited to a small number of up to 15 highly motivated, talented women with typically 8 to 15 years’ leadership experience. The participants are generally in their mid-30s to late 40s.
The participants are high potentials and have functional or generalist responsibilities, mostly as line managers.
The female leaders are nominated for the programme by their company’s general management. The application form can be downloaded here and should be accompanied by a CV and references.
They will be invited to a personal interview in order to assess the fit within the programme and the group. English proficiency and an “international perspective“ are prerequisites for admission.

Success stories

The ANNAs and their development are living proof that the ANNA+Cie programme works: 68% of all ANNA alumni have made significant carreer steps after completing the ANNA year – 80% of them within the company that supported their participation in the programme.

An independent survey amongst ANNA alumni has delivered further evidence of the programme’s success:

Participants approve: More than 91 per cent of all participants were satisfied or very satisfied with the programme.

„Since the ANNA programme, I have pursued my career goals more proactively and with more confidence than before.“

Perfect preparation: 80 per cent of all participants feel better supported in their personal development.

„I increased my network in a meaningful way and set more ambitious goals. Subsequent career steps followed soon.“

Ringing endorsement: More than 96 per cent of all participants would recommend the programme to their friends and colleagues.

„The feedback from the trainers and the group was very inspiring. I learned so much from the exchange of ideas, experiences and advice with the other ANNAs and still draw from the experience now.“