The ANNA+Cie leadership training consists of four multi-day training modules distributed over the course of twelve months. In these interactive modules, the participants solidify their leadership role and improve their understanding of personal and corporate success strategies.

The four ANNA+Cie leadership training modules

1. Leadership-Development

At the start of the training programme, the ANNAs are encouraged to reflect on their own leadership behaviour. They will examine all aspects of leadership considering their responsibility for themselves, their teams, towards the organization and society as a whole.

2. Personality

A deep understanding of one’s own personality is essential for modern leadership. Only by knowing yourself with your strengths and weaknesses, you can strengthen your leadership. Participants will be able to put familiar traits and behavioural patterns into context, reassess past experiences and discover untapped strengths. This analysis leads to motivating development strategies that can be implemented in daily practice.

3. Strategic Leadership

Leadership and execution need to adapt to rapidly and continuously evolving circumstances. In the face of market volatility, political and socioeconomic changes and disruptive innovation, visionary companies are turning to business leaders who can think globally, and compete strategically. Focus areas are innovation and technology, governance and corporate culture, as well as environmental constraints.

4. Visionary Leadership

Future corporate environments, though unknown, will surely be different from today’s. Leaders need to prepare now to be able to adapt to any possible scenario. New socioeconomic and political dynamics, developments in tech and environmental challenges will have to be met by holistic approaches, dynamism and change orientation in order to secure a sustainable business that adds value and is attractive to the best talent. Modelling future scenarios and solutions will be combined with learning important skills for building a future-proof company culture.

ANNA alumni on learnings from the leadership training


Handpicked international guest speakers from the academic world as well as industry, politics and culture accompany the ANNA+Cie leadership training’s four modules. We pay particular attention to a balanced combination of individuals with a broad spectrum of experience and disciplines from a large variety of industries and topics:
leadership, personality, entrepreneurship, change management.


Modules 1, 2 and 4 of the ANNA+Cie leadership training will take place at Gut Kaden. Its 18th century manor house provides a special and inspiring atmosphere while the adjoining hotel and guest quarters offer modern spacious meeting facilities.

Gut Kaden is situated in the countryside close to Alveslohe, north of Hamburg, amongst old woodlands breathing historical ambience. It takes the ANNAs out of their daily routines and gives them plenty of room for inspiration – to work, think and reflect.

Gut Kaden is at 20-minute driving distance from Hamburg Airport.

Leadership Training bei ANNA+Cie auf Gut Kaden

Stockholm, the home of most Unicorns in Europe, is the dynamic and inspiring backdrop to module 3. The combination of the modernised stately Ulfsunda Slott and contemporary co-working spaces already symbolises this module’s spirit and opens the ANNAs’ minds to new ideas and perspectives. The multitude of bridges connecting Stockholm’s many islands give a clue to why the city has developed into an innovation hub: they promote an open interdisciplinary communication.

ANNA+Cie Leadership Training Modul 4 im Ulfsunda Slot