The ANNA+Cie programme aims at building an active and stable female network promoting the exchange of experiences between organisations, industries and countries beyond the ANNA year and each ANNA cohort. After the main programme, there is active and regular interaction between the ANNAs – be it via telephone conferences, cohort reunions or regional meetings.

ANNA Alumni on their network

Alumni Meeting

After the main programme with its four training modules, yearly one and a half day alumni meetings strengthen the business network.In order to sustain and continue the overall effect of the programme, the alumni discuss and develop known and new topics with the help of external contributors. The alumni meetings are the foundation for a active, efficient female network.

Rapidly changing companies and business environments intensify the need for reflection, especially in trusted circles composed of stable relationships such as the ANNA network. The alumni meetings addressing different topics in changing locations strengthen the active female network.

ANNA+Cie Alumni Meeting 2018